Morning Star Translations

Founded on the love for languages, both oral and written, and the joy of communication.


Morning Star Translations currently offers a wide range of translation services from and into English and Swahili and some other Kenyan dialects, upon request.

Textual Translation

We provide textual translations of English and Swahili documents of any genre or domain.


We offer interpreting services both from and into English and Swahili.


If you have audio content in either English or Swahili, we can provide accurate and faithful transcriptions.


Our team also offers a subtitling service for your videos or TV programmes, again in both English and Swahili.

Audio Translation

We can also translate any audio content from and into English and Swahili.

Audiovisual Translation

Translations of audiovisual content are also possible with Morning Star Translations.

Kenyan Dialects

Upon request, we can provide translation and interpretation services in some other Kenyan vernacular languages and dialects.

Guide Services

In Nairobi, we offer the possibility of guided tours, of course in English and Swahili. However, we also welcome French and Japanese visitors and are particularly interested in providing guide services for film crews.